Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937 with philosophy that the way to do business better than the other guys was to find innovative ways to bring affordable and relevant insurance products to those who wanted insurance protection for their vehicles. Starting from the beginning, by offering the first drive-in claims service, they have consistently been first in industry innovations. To make it easier for those unable to pay the entire annual premium at one time, they were also the first in the industry to allow premiums to be paid in installments.

Today, they offer their customers such innovative services such as 24 Hour service, Immediate Response® , concierge claims and bundling discounts for those that have motorcycles, boats and other water craft, RVs, business vehicles, snowmobiles and Segway® needs.

By continuing to focus on what customers want and need in insurance service, they have become one of the largest and highly rated insurers in the nation and D. Beacom & Sons is proud to be able to offer our customers the many advantages and services that this insurance company can provide.